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Z Pairs

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Introducing Z Pairs - A New Era in Social Networking

The combination Z Card and Z Key Chain, this combination is not only a bridge for information but also an expression of personality. Use Z Card to showcase professionalism in business, and let Z Key Chain be your stylish accessory, allowing you to share your contact details and information with others anytime, anywhere. No longer confined to paper business cards, choose Z Pairs for a brand-new social experience!

  • No App Required
  • No Subscription Fee

Using Z Connect NFC Business Card offers a range of exceptional benefits that enhance your networking and professional presence:

📍Instant Sharing
Share your contact information, social media profiles, and other relevant details seamlessly with a simple tap.

📍Rich Content
Showcase your expertise by customising your bio, more information beyond traditional paper business cards

📍Link Button Integration
Clickable link buttons to website, social media profiles, E-Brochure, E-Catalog, Video, Image, Waze, Google Map and more

📍Easy Updates
Modify your details at any time, ensuring your card always reflects your latest information.

📍Unlimited Use
Share your profile as many times as you want without worrying about running out of physical cards.

Say goodbye to paper waste and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

📍Memorable Impressions
Stand out from the crowd with a cutting-edge NFC card that leaves a lasting impression on clients and peers.

📍Enhanced Professionalism
Demonstrate your tech-savviness and adaptability, reinforcing your professional image.

📍Modern Engagement
Impress with an innovative networking that's in tune with the digital age.

No need to carry stacks of cards

Z Card x 1
Z Key Chain x 1

Z Card x 2
Z Key Chain x 2

Z Card x 5
Z Key Chain x 5

  1. Tap to Share
    Share your Z Profile by just tapping your Z Device on another person's phone.
  2. Open Z Profile
    Z profiles are viewed directly in a browser, making it simple to share your contact info with anyone.
  3. Save to Contacts
    Your contact details and Z Profile will be saved directly into their phones.

Our distribution warehouse is located in Penang, Malaysia, so you can expect your Z device to arrive within 3-5 business days depending on your location.

See How our customers are using theirs cards.

the all-in-one solution for all your networking needs

Professional Profile

Personalize your bio to let people know what you do and how skilled you are.

Link to any URL

Linking to any link url. Share your social media links, apps, videos, E-menus & PDFs etc. with one tap.

exchange contact

Let others save your contact details,
addresses, websites & emails easily with just a single button.


A Z device seamlessly share all of the information on your Z Profile with a single tap onto someone else’s phone. Your Z Profile is fully customizable —including a bio, social media links and more— and enables you to share every important detail about you and your business with your network.

The best part is that nothing other than your Z device is required to start connecting: no apps, no gimmicks, no subscriptions!

There are two types of Z.devices: Z Card and Z Tag

To put it simply: your Z device is the catalyst to your next conversation.

The possibilities are virtually endless as this technology has many case studies for its use. However, we find that the most common are contact details, social media handles, websites & product information. Although anything with a digital presence can be transferred.

Once purchased you will receive an email with an invitation to create a profile. Here is where you can add all of your contact details & social media handles etc.

You can change your details in realtime in a matter of seconds by login back to your profile.

All Androids and all iPhones which support NFC function are compatible with our tap feature.

No! There is no app needed to get your Z device up and running.

Everything works through your phones browser, streamlining the time for setup and allowing you to share your contact seamlessly with any NFC enabled phone!

Our distribution warehouse is located in Penang, Malaysia, so you can expect your Z device to arrive within 3-5 business days depending on your location.

Z Connect is as secure as any new-age technology and as safe as the information you put on it. It only works within an inch of a compatible device, and can only share, rather than extract information.

In addition, there is no financial information stored. All details shared are typically details you will have on any of your traditional business cards.

No! Unlike your favorite streaming services we here at Z Connect don’t play hard to get.

A one-time purchase of a Z device is all it takes to start a life full of connecting through your Z Profile!

Don't Listen to us, Listen to THem

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