Affiliate Collaboration Details

Phase 1 - Shipping out the product

1. After your submission has been approved, please send us an email with the subject line "Z Connect Affiliate - [Your Name] - Shipping Details", and we'll proceed to send out the Z Card.

2. To ensure that you're well-prepared, please watch this instructional video (I'll attach the link here) on how to set up the Z Card and Z Profile. Make sure to download the required apps in advance.
3. After receiving the product, please follow the instructions in the video to set up the card.

Phase 2 - Content production

1. We kindly ask that you take several photos of the card alone (I'll upload some reference photos in the Google Drive and attach the link in this message).

2. We also require a short video (around 5 seconds) demonstrating how the Z Card works. Again, a reference video will be included in the Google Drive.

Phase 3 - Posting

1. Post the video on your Instagram feed with the following caption (I'll provide this in a separate message).

2. The photo and video should be included in the same feed post, with the photo appearing first.

3. Don't forget to tag us @zconnect.os on Instagram stories when you share the post.

Phase 4 - Send us the raw footage of the video and photo

1. Please upload the raw footage of the videos and photos in a Google Drive and share it with

Phase 5 - Collaboration done

1. Congratulations! Our collaboration is complete.

Please note that we require you to complete Phase 1 within 2 weeks after receiving the product. All materials must be uploaded to the Google Drive and shared with us within 3 weeks after receiving the product.